Umbrellas are pretty basic tools. There's not really a whole lot of room for improvement. They serve their purpose and get thrown in a closet when not in use.

Is carrying an umbrella really that inconvenient? Apparently so, because a Kickstarter project has popped up for the Air Umbrella, a redesign to the umbrella you know and love.

Air Umbrella/Chuan Wang

The Air Umbrella, or invisible umbrella, uses forced air inside something that resembles a flashlight to keep the rain off your head. There are none of those annoying metal rods or tarp that always seem to flip inside out when the wind slightly blows. It literally looks like you're holding an invisible umbrella!

While it does fall into the category of neat, that's about it.

You don't need one, so don't bother backing the Kickstarter project. Or go ahead and back it and you'll eventually be the proud owner of the most expensive umbrella ever.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings