Every football fan loves seeing a good fight between players during a game, but this fight made male football fans cringe.

During the BYU/Boise State football game on Saturday, two players were fighting over the ball after a fumble. The BYU player clearly had control of the ball and was down, but for some reason, a Boise State player decided to dive in and take the ball from the BYU player. The BYU player took exception to this, which everyone would, and threw a sneaky right hook at the Boise State player's junk. 

Scrums for the ball can get pretty violent, but this would be considered way over the line. Every man knows that a nut-punch is off limits during a fight.  Well, every man except this BYU player. The punch seemed to go undetected by the officials, and the Boise State player was able to continue the game.

Man, we really hope that guy was wearing a cup.