On Nov. 10, the world will finally get the highly-anticipated eighth studio album from the Foo Fighters, 'Sonic Highways.' Still a few weeks away, the Foos have done everything they can to keep appetites whetted -- from a weeklong residency on the 'Late Show With David Letterman' to the debut of the accompanying eight-episode HBO series. Perhaps most exciting, though, was the first full taste of the album, in the form of the opening track, 'Something From Nothing.' And because they have no desires to slow down, the Foo Fighters have unveiled the music video for the track -- watch it above.

It's a straight-forward video, showcasing the energy between the members of the band and frontman Dave Grohl's natural ferocity. Adding a spin to it, the lyrics for the song are strewn throughout.

These are more than just Grohl's lyrics, though. The words that appear on 'Sonic Highways' are constructed from hours and hours of interviews he conducted all over the country with producers and rock and roll legends. Each song will be rooted in a specific city; 'Something From Nothing' is inspired by Chicago and its vastly important musical history. (In fact, the music video was filmed in Steve Albini's studio and is the final performance of the first episode of 'Sonic Highways.')

'Sonic Highways' will be released via RCA Records on Nov. 10. Get details on the new record here.

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