Just in time for Thanksgiving, Facebook recently released a study analyzing the things people are most thankful for in each state.

According to their research, which was based on posts using the terms "grateful" or "thankful", the most distinctive topic that Wyoming residents expressed thanks for was "country music".

Nationwide, the most common things Facebook users expressed thanks for include friends, family, health, career, sobriety, football, the internet, salvation and food.

Wyoming wasn't the only state in the study that expressed gratitude for country music. It was also a commonly mentioned term in Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Facebook users in other states showed thanks for some interesting items. For example, California expressed gratefulness for YouTube, Kansas was thankful for Google, Vermont was gratified by Pinterest and New Hampshire are appreciative for Netflix.

Oregon residents were distinctively thankful for Yoga. Perhaps the most interesting term came from Illinois, where Facebook users actually showed thanks for their mother-in- law. Go figure.