Days like yesterday (wind chills below zero) and the days to come can take a toll on your skin.

According to Renee Rouleau, a certified esthetician, who has worked with Susan Sarandon and Jessica Simpson choosing a skin care regimen has to do with your skin type.

"What happens in the winter time is that the air gets really dry, When there’s dry air, it looks for moisture wherever it can get it, so it pulls that moisture from the layers of your skin regardless of skin type.”

Here are some tips from Rouleau to help you deal better with the elements this winter season.

What to do for already dry skin


"Dry skin is little invisible cracks that allow moisture to escape easier,” Rouleau says. “This also allows irritants to get can into the skin, causing you to be more sensitive to products that you never had problems with before.”

When cleansing, steer clear bars of soap, which can strip water and the natural oils from your skin.

“Cleansing milk tends to be really gentle and doesn’t contain the bubble agent that dries out your skin,” Rouleau says.

After rinsing, apply an alcohol-free toner to remove any cleanser build-up, as well as chlorine and minerals found in tap water.

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What to do for oily skin


Your complexion may be oily, but frosty air can still evaporate moisture from your skin.

After cleansing, try an oil-free serum under a water-based moisturizer to balance the moisture that’s being pulled from your already oily skin. “During colder months, don’t be afraid of the oils these products do a great job of creating,” Rouleau says.

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What to do for combination skin


Rather than focusing on the amount of moisturizer you use, Rouleau says to focus on the ingredients. “Skin oils like cranberry oil, primrose oil, and borage oil contain ingredients that repair your dry skin,” she says.

On colder days, or if your skin is feeling tighter, add a couple of drops to your everyday moisturizer.

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