Everyone has hobbies. Some knit or cross-stitch. Others may like to make model planes or make remixes of their favorite songs. Me? I love to play video games. It was a life-long dream of mine to be featured in a Nintendo game and I can happily say that, after so many years of video game playing, I have one I can call my own!

This game is really just Super Mario Bros. I have the ability to go in, however, and change the graphics to whatever I please so long as they fit in that size and use the same colors. I did my best likeness of myself and replaced other characters in the game (ie. princess is now my wife, enemies are borrowed from other games, ect.) to personalize it a little.

This isn't for sale as I only made one for my own collection, but I thought I'd share as I think it's pretty cool. If you could be in any Nintendo game, what game would you be in?