I love looking back at younger, more simple times. There's big business in nostalgia as people who were once kids now have a disposable income to buy back their youth, so to speak. There are companies making machines to play old Nintendo games, Surge made a comeback and, according to the Mars company, Crispy M&M's are next on that list of discontinued items that will hit store shelves soon.

It's happened to all of us. You find your new favorite product. Maybe it's a specific shampoo or breakfast cereal. Maybe it's a snack cake or soda. Then, the next day, it's gone. No word on what happened and the only sign you might have that's it's being discontinued is that it's on clearance.

That's exactly what happened to many Americans in 2005 when they stopped making Crispy M&M's.

To be honest, I was never a fan. I like just the traditional M&M's with no gimmicks and nothing inside. Plain and boring. I did have several friends who enjoyed Crispy M&M's though and it took about a year for them to catch on as to why they're not finding them anymore.

They have been available this whole time if you wished to import them from Europe which many have via Ebay, but the convenience of find them on your store shelves will be a good thing.

Watch for them in January of 2015.