Corey Feldman and his "band" Corey and the Angels performed at a minor league baseball game in State College, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

Even by Feldman standards, it was pretty lame.

He was dressed as Michael Jackson, but did some sort of club-mix thing. The band didn't play on the field, but instead played in the middle of a walkway next to a salsa stand(?).  It's hard to tell from the video, but it looks like maybe 50 people were there. The baseball team's general manager decided it was so bad, he had to issue a public apology.

Remember, this was at a minor league baseball game, where next month's entertainment includes a bunch of monkeys that ride around on dogs. Seriously.

To be fair, a bunch of fans posted on the team's Facebook page, and said it wasn't that bad. A few of them also said Corey was really nice and signed autographs. Meanwhile, Corey says the stadium workers just didn't know what they were doing.