Sarah Robinson, a mother of six, was recently busted for shoplifting at a Walmart in Kansas. However, when police officer Mark Engravalle responded to the routine shoplifting call, he noticed something about Robinson's kids - most of them weren't wearing shoes and their feet were covered in dirt.

Now obviously, Officer Engravalle had to write the woman a ticket for shoplifting, because that's his job and she broke the law. But, what he didn't have to do was go back inside and pay for the $300 worth of groceries that she had tried to steal, which included diapers, baby wipes, and shoes for all of the children.  

Robinson's story is pretty sad - her husband died suddenly back in 2012 and she's been having a rough go at it since then. She has been living out of her car with her six kids on and off since then, only renting a single room in a house when she could afford it. Her children range in age from 15 to 2.

So even though this woman was breaking the law, Officer Engravalle realized that it was because she had no other option and helped her out. Well done.

Since the incident community members have stepped forward asking how they can help, and the police department is setting up a bank account for Robinson and her family.

She told ABC News that she and her daughters have a place to stay until Sunday, but after that will have to find another place. She's also looking for a job in office work.