Casper's own "Nordic Thunder" (Justin Howard) was crowned the 2011 US Air Guitar Champion last night.  Nordic will be flying to Los Angeles to perform on Lopez Tonight this Tuesday 7/26, and will head to Finland next month to be America's representative in the Air Guitar World Championships. We'll keep you posted on Justin's progress here.

Nordic Thuinder's Bio:


Nordic Thunder lives by the motto "Pain is temporary, but air guitar is forever". Justin Howard (AKA Nordic Thunder) originates from the town of the ghost in the square state known as Wyoming. Wanting more out of life then dirt roads and cow shit, he moved to the Windy City in order to per-sue a career as a professional air guitarist. In 2006, after recovering from an air guitar related knee injury that required surgery, Nordic appeared on the competitive stage for the first time. Fueled by Thunder, Nordic rose to the top of the fierce competition that summer night in Chicago 5 years ago to win his first regional competition. Nordic would later go on to win 4 more Chicago regional titles, and undergo back surgery due to a ruptured disc he suffered during the 2008 season. ALL thanks to air guitar! This is the first time in USAG history that the U.S. Finals are being held in Chicago, and Nordic couldn't be more stoked to perform for his violently loyal hometown fans on July 23rd. There will be rock. There will be roll. There will be no guitars, but there will be Thunder