As a spring cold front is bearing down on Wyoming, I was asked - what's the record snowfall for March in Casper, WY?  Like many others, I had no idea.  So, I went to the National Weather Service for help in discovering the answer.

The NWS website has lots of interesting information for those looking for answers to weather questions.

According to a quick search I found the answer:

The record for the largest total snowfall from a single storm in the month of March came during a storm back in 1977. That month, Casper's snow total record came on March 28-30th where a storm total of 15.6 inches fell.  The second largest total snow fall in March happened back on March 1-2 in 1952, when 14.1 inches fell.

Casper's largest total snowfall (since 1937) happened back on December 23-24 in 1982, when a storm total of 31.3 inches blanketed the city.  That storm also came just 3 weeks on the heals of the 4th largest total snowfall, as a storm dropped a total of 21 inches on December 1-2 in 1982.

If Casper receives 14+ total inches of snow from this coming storm it will place itself in history among the top 25 storms for total snowfall in the city of Casper - since 1937.

Meteorologist's are forecasting for a total snowfall that could push snow totals to record levels! Casper could see anywhere from 6 to 25 inches of snow.

Remember, if Casper receives 15.7 inches or more, we will set a new record for total snowfall for the month of March.  If we get 14+ inches, it will rank among the top 25 total snowfall storm amounts in our weather history since 1937.

Source: National Weather Service