Paul Marquard, Casper College physics and engineering instructor was recently honored with the Judith Bailey Scully award.

Dale Anderson, last  year's Scully winner speaks very highly of Marquard's work ethic.

“Paul was chosen because of his commitment to academic excellence. He continually challenges himself to prepare his students for their future ... whether it be continuing their education or for their careers. He gives his students and peers alike 100 percent of his effort and attention. Paul is always one of the first to step forward for the good of the organization.”

Marquard has been a Casper College staff member since 1986.


“Paul has been an extraordinary professor at Casper College since 1986 both inspiring and challenging his college and high school (via Board of Cooperative Educational Services – BOCES) students. He brings to life his subject matter as well as relates exceptionally well with a vast array of students of varying capabilities. He is an instrumental member of the teaching faculty at Casper College and well-deserving of the recognition of receiving the Scully Award, noted Erich Frankland, who received the award in 2010.


The yearly award, first presented in 2005, was established by Marlan O. Scully in honor of his wife Judith “... to honor faculty who demonstrate academic excellence as characterized by Judith’s outstanding accomplishments as a Casper College and University of Wyoming student,” said Paulann Doane, director of the Casper College Foundation.


Bailey Scully won honors while attending Casper College and took her degree from the University of Wyoming only three years after graduating from Natrona County High School.