Casper bicyclists are invited to join in Slow Ride, a community engagement where riders get to explore downtown Casper and other neighborhoods. Bicycle safety is promoted in this family friendly environment.

The group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm, at the Yellowstone Garage.


For those who do not have bicycles, vendors may be present on varying weeks to rent or donate bikes. 


For those who do not have helmets, vendors may be present on varying weeks to sell helmets at little to no cost.



The first ride brought out over 40 bike enthusiast who came out to support this new community happening.

I borrowed a bike from a friend and joined the group last week and it was my first time riding a bike in 20 years. I also purchased my first bike helmet last week, and contributed a $10 donation to the non-profit who came out to offer it - Brain Injury Alliance.




Slow Ride is not run by any specific group, the intent was for this to be a grass roots, community driven engagement activity. We have an amazing town - let's get out there and explore it together!




Next Ride - July 2nd!  Old Yellowstone Garage - 7pm!