I recently took the family on a cruise around the Caribbean. During our 7 days at sea, we stopped on four different islands: Jamaica, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Since I don't have a slew of attire made for humid, 82 degree weather, I decided to make my own tank-tops...out of Casper band shirts! Not only did this spurn tons of conversation with people from around the world, it was also a very small way of giving back to the bands. Should you ever take a vacation, I strongly suggest you represent the 307 any chance you get!

The rules: Each band got their own island.

Eazyside was easy, as they were the only choice for Jamaica - where I visited Bob Marley's grave.

The Eli Manor Band got a taste of the "homeland", as my three Mexican friends were represented in Cozumel, where we swam with dolphins.

I took Russian Made Robots to the Bahamas, as we were flying high during our para-sailing excursion, and that seemed to make sense for those guys.

Finally, my Dang Ol' Boys shirt seemed to fit best in Grand Cayman, as we went under the ocean in a glass bottom boat, and drank heavily.

Honorable Mention - I also sported my Dark By Nature shirt on the boat, but there aren't a whole lot of photos for two reasons. 1) I'm not even sure they are still a band. 2) Most photos on the boat of me showcased my drinking skills. I.E., I was hammered.