Yesterday, our digital guy walked into my studio, gave me $10, and said to buy something and write a post about it. Obviously, I headed straight to the bar. After two beers, I had a moment of clarity, and realized they probably want a receipt and some stuff, so I headed to the dollar store and went crazy.

Being broke myself, I had no problem turning  four dollars and twenty cents into a single person's date night. Have one of those friends that has never had relations with a sober person? Then this is the gift for them.

Items included in my little self-love kit:

1. Lotion - keeps the friction down

2. Tissue - easy clean-up, and if anybody sees it in your trash can, they'll think you have a cold

3. Scented Candle - who's says a party for one can't be romantic?

4. Tube sock - If you have to ask, you've never done it.

5. Photo Of Betty White - If touching yourself to pictures of Betty White is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!


Overall, this gift cost less than $5, will be scoffed at when received, but well used when they are at home alone.

FYI - asking a dollar tree employee to help you find a tube sock, lotion, tissue, and candle will get you a weird look, and some nasty comments to her coworkers. Awkward...