Before the dawn of digital downloads, people didn't just listen to music, they experienced it. They studied the intricate art of the album cover, read the liner notes and delved deeper into the mystique of their favorite bands. Over the years, many of rock's most legendary album covers have become treasured works of art.

Here in Casper, some of those iconic album covers will be the subject of an exhibit opening next month at the Nicolaysen Art Museum's Rosenthal Gallery. The It's Only Rock and Roll: Iconic British Album Art exhibit will celebrate the artistic and cultural impact of album covers from the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Clash and many more.

The exhibit will be part of the Nicolaysen Art Museum's 10th Annual NICFest and will run from Friday, June 5th,  through Sunday, July 5th. Tuesdays through Saturdays, admission to the museum is $5 for adults, $3 for children ages 5 - 17 and is free for NIC members and children under five. Admission is free for everyone each Sunday.