Who has the best burger in town? What makes a hamburger good? It is a range from the quality of the ingredients to what tops that burger. Asking people around the office their answer is it depends on what they are looking for. That there is NOT "One Hamburger To Rule Them All" in Casper.

We compared the reviews from 5 social review websites, and present you the best burger in Casper ... according to the internet. The pages we used were Tabelog, Zomato, Yelp, Google Reviews, and the 2015 Casper’s Choice Awards. First we took the top ten from each site and gave it a number value. We then totaled the numbers to find which restaurant had the most points. Here are the top ten places to get a burger in Casper.

  • 10

    Frosty's Bar and Grill, Karen and Jim’s Restaurant, and Poor Boy’s Steakhouse

  • 9

    Peaches' Family Restaurant

    This is Casper's own fast food joint that is locally owned and operated. Don't forget to order the ranch. It costs extra but is worth it.

  • 8

    J’s Pub and Grill

    Get your pub style burger here. You can get upgrades like bacon and blue cheese, guacamole and bacon, or mushroom and Swiss.

  • 7

    Shifters (E.B.T.)

    This gear-head restaurant has burgers, dog, and burritos. Then you can cool it down with a milkshake.

  • 6

    Firerock Steakhouse

    More that just steaks, Firerock has some good burgers and sandwiches, too.

  • 5

    JC Burger

    Kickin it old school with these burgers from JC Burgers. These sandwiches are fresh and homemade just like mom used to make ... if mom worked at Coney Island.

  • 4


    Eggington's? For a hamburger? You usually think about breakfast when eating at this Casper hot spot, but their hamburgers are getting high praise, too.

  • 3

    HQ Southern BBQ

    When searching for restaurants in Casper, HQ tops every list. Not only do they have the slow cooked pork, but they can grill some hamburgers, too.

  • 2

    Five Guy Burgers and Fries

    The name says it all - Burgers and Fries. If they can't cook a good burger, they should change their name. 5 Guys was the winner of the Casper's Choice Award in 2015 for best hamburger.

  • 1

    The World Famous Wonder Bar

    We have a tie for the best burger in town. The Wonder Bar has the most options for styles of burgers with 18 varieties listed on their website.

  • 1

    Johnny J’s Diner

    This nostalgic diner has a wide variety of burgers all named after 50-60s musicians. For example you can have the Ritchie Valens Burger, or the Buddy Holly Burger. So even if the music died, the food still lives on.