The U.K. broadcasting regulatory organization, Ofcom, has censured BBC’s Radio 1 for playing a live, uncensored version of the Foo Fighters’ ‘Something From Nothing,’ which contains two swear words. The song aired back in November during Nick Grimshaw’s morning show.

In the song – which appeared on the Foos' 2014 album, ‘Sonic Highways’ – frontman Dave Grohl sings, “You can’t make me change my name / Never make me change my name / Pay no mind, now ain’t that something / F--k it all! I came from nothing.

The live version was recorded during the Foo Fighters’ visit to Zane Lowe’s show the previous night.

Minutes after the song aired, Grimshaw apologized for the mistake, saying, “We must apologize for the swear words that went out in that Foo Fighters live track, so apologies if any offense was taken during that” (via NME).

“We take these situations seriously and having looked into it, unfortunately the track was played due to human error,” a Radio 1 spokesperson said following the incident. “The presenters apologized after the record was broadcast, and we are very sorry for any offense caused.”

However, Ofcom has now responded, citing Rule 1.14, which states, “The most offensive language must not be broadcast … when children are particularly likely to be listening.”

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