The Believer's annual music issue is out next week. Music junkies know this is a cause for celebration, because the issue usually features some of the year's very best music writing.

The 2014 edition includes a seven-inch single that features music from a new short film by Marcel Dzama. Big whoop, right? Well, the artist has worked with people like Beck and Arcade Fire in the past, and the film, 'Une Danse Des Bouffons,' features music by members of the latter.

In addition to that, the film stars Kim Gordon, the Sonic Youth member who recently had her heart broken by her cheating husband but seems to be rebounding quite OK lately.

Of course, there's a good chance you'll probably never see the film, because it's artsy, it's a short film and it's in French. Plus, the 75-second trailer -- which you can watch above -- kinda freaks us out. People wearing pig masks does that to us.

Gordon plays a woman who's in love with dead French artist Marcel Duchamp. She also sports a black wig. The music -- four songs are included on the Believer seven-inch -- is instrumental. So if that sounds like your thing, the movie will probably be making the art-house rounds soon.

And if you're an Arcade Fire completest (even if the record doesn't include every single person of the 873-member troupe), this is the only way to get the music, since the score won't be released elsewhere.

Speaking of Arcade Fire and soundtracks, here's a lovely piece from last year's 'Her':