Musicians tend to spend a lot of time on the road away from home, but Alice in Chains vocalist-guitarist William DuVall was greeted with an unwelcome surprise upon returning to his West Hollywood, Calif. abode.

According to DuVall, he was detained by police as he began pulling into his garage, being told that he did not live at his own home. Little is known on the situation at the moment, but the musician tweeted about the situation Thursday afternoon (Dec. 4), suggesting race may have played a role: "Detained pulling into own garage in W. Hollywood. Told "You don't live here." License SHOWS MY ADDRESS. Still held 30 mins. #AliveWhileBlack"

In the comments section to his tweet, Duvall also revealed, "That and much more happened to me. And I'm better off than most." The rocker has not further elaborated beyond his initial comments.

It's been a somewhat quiet year for Alice in Chains after a big 2013. The band did release a new video for 'Phantom Limb' this fall. The clip was directed by Roboshobo, who helmed the videos for several past 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' songs.