If there's one thing that people are NOT a fan of, it's people faking a sickness to get notoriety. That's what a woman in Seattle did, and no surprise, things aren't going well for her.

For years, Tracy Dart of Seattle, claimed that she had cancer and would participate in fundraisers for Susan G. Komen, an organization that raises money for cancer research. Since 2006, her team of fundraisers had raised over $400,000, with about $28,000 of that being Dart's own money. So, it was a pretty big surprise when rumors started swirling last week that Dart did not in fact have cancer at all, and NEVER had it.

It turns out that a member of Dart's family ratted her out to a Komen representative. Dart had recently been admitted to the hospital and that's when her story started to unravel. A doctor came in and told her, with family present, that she did not and never had cancer.

Despite the lying, her fundraising group (which was disbanded immediately) had still raised a ton of money for cancer research and it does not appear as though Dart profited in any way.

What an odd story.