Some areas of social media are testing the boundaries of what is and what should never be. The selfie phenomenon is one good example. Millions of Americans on a daily basis post photos for all the world to see. What happened in Alabama hopefully will remind everyone to have some class and use good judgement before you post something you can never take back!

A high school student who posted a smiling selfie with a cadaver to Instagram might face a stiff penalty.

The student, from Clements High School, was on a field trip to the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Anatomical Donor Program when officials said she surreptitiously snapped the selfie and then posted it to Instagram.

Not everyone liked the photo. It was reported to school officials and has since been removed.

Jim Bakken, spokesman, University of Alabama at Birmingham, told in a statement that phones and photography are banned in the lab and the faces of cadavers are supposed to remain covered.

A sheet appeared to have been pulled back in the photo to reveal the deceased person’s face.

“This kind of disrespect is unacceptable and very disappointing,” Bakken said. “We will review our processes to ensure this does not happen again.”

Students at the high school are being questioned about the incident, ABC News’ affiliate WBMA reported, however it remained unclear if anyone had been punished.

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