Wyoming is a great state and if you're considering moving to the 307, here's some reasons we are so proud to call it home!

1. Never a shortage of outdoor activity - Whether it's 85 and sunny in the summer or 5 degrees in the winter, there's plenty to do outdoors!

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2. Wide Open Spaces! If you're sick of nosy neighbors, long lines, long commutes, Wyoming is a great change of pace.

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3. Western Culture -  If you're fascinated with the old west, cowboys and indians, riding horses, cattle drives, we live it every day. 

4. Friendly people! You won't find many grumpy people living in the Cowboy State!

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5. Low crime. - One of the lowest crime rates in the nation. It's more likely our local news reporters are doing a story on a charity event than a murder.

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