I love supporting products that are "Made in the USA." Even more, I love supporting products made in Wyoming.

Buying local helps our local economy and helps inspire more local entrepreneurs.

I know there are dozens of products made right here in Wyoming and hope to make posts like this a regular thing, but for now, here are 5 of my favorite products made right here in the Cowboy State...

*These folks make hand soap, lip balm, salve, and laundry soap near Casper in the community of Bar Nunn.

*Great lemonade bottled in Jackson Hole. You can try the original lemonade, iced tea and lemonade, huckleberry lemonade, and the peach tea lemonade.

*Delicious homemade jams from the small town of Carpenter! Everything from standard peach and raspberry, to jalapeno pepper jam!

*Laramie resident Benjamin Arthur hand makes wooden toys, board games, puzzles, clocks, wind chimes, wind catchers, and other holiday items.

*Signature chili products from one of Chugwaters largest employers (15 people.)