Who needs gloves during the upcoming seasons when you've got these GIFs of palm-warming hand-bras? Sure, summer might be over, but there's still skin to be seen! Ladies can spend a fortune at Victoria's Secret trying to find the right pair of sweater mittens, but we'd like to offer a much more simple and cheaper alternative -- their hands.

There are plenty of squishy, racktastic babes throughout these GIFs, especially considering we looked for a specific small hand to massive boob ratio. You might be sad that school is back in session, but we're giving you a special bonus to keep you distracted from your work. And what better, palm-warming, excuse could you have for not doing your school work than 25 GIFs of sexy babes wearing nothing but hand-bras. Just to help you brush up on your math skills, that's 50 boobs in action.

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