Ladies, have you ever wanted to increase your bust size for just one day? Now, for about half the price of a permanent breast enhancement, you can!

OK, so spending $2500 to $3500 for a one-day boob job seems a little pricey - especially considering that the average cost for a permanent procedure is only about $4200. That's not my biggest issue. It's the fact that you ladies are willing to spend so much money just to falsely advertise the "girls". Pushup bras are bad enough, but us guys are used to them, and understand that's a possibility with every woman we date.

But what happens when you get a gal's shirt off, find out their "real", do some dirty things, then wake up to...well, not what you're expecting. That's just mean.

It also inspires a country song - "Went to bed with a D, woke up with a B". Has a nice ring to it.

It also makes us wonder about the "Cinderella" effect. Picture a dude wandering around trying to find the girl that fits the bra she left behind as she was running hectically away in fear that someone would find out her secret - only to find that that woman doesn't exist.

Fake boobs are one thing, but fake-fake boobs are an epidemic that need to be squashed.